Wow. Just wow…

I say that when all I can do is shake my head. I have to say I’ve been shaking my head a lot. Just… wow.

Let’s face it. Idiots are everywhere.. but without idiots, how would we get the answers to questions that we are afraid to ask ourselves?

Before I start my rant… let me back up and explain to you where it began and where my breaking point was…

I love yahoo news. I don’t know why exactly, but I do. I love clicking the right button and scrolling through all of the little pictures and seeing what captions they can put under them in order to make them ‘must click news’. I’ve heard all about the Kardashians, the 5 things you just don’t say to guys, who got the longest pass in the football game the night before, who Simon Cowell impregnated, what to do to improve your house, what you shouldn’t do to improve your house, what jobs are poppin’ for new graduates…. you name it.. they’ve talked about it. And as much as they have talked about it.. so have I. I use it to break odd silences in car rides and to make myself sound like I know what I’m talking about.

I think I honestly got interested in what Yahoo! news had to say about 5 years ago when I thought I had found the end of the internet and nothing else was interesting. I mean seriously, how much p0rn can one person look at? Yes, there are places out there that have nothing to do with that, but I honestly had lost interest in the internet. I was tired of ‘chatting’ with people on messengers. I was tired of just looking through the same ol’ email.. I was tired of signing up for things and then being bombarded with multiple spams in my inbox telling me to buy this, look at that, sign up for this.. send me money here… So I stopped everything and opened Yahoo. Now I have to say, this is before I found pinterest or stumbleupon. I just looked at the front page of Yahoo and was in awe. Look at all that mess… (i shook my head)

I started to click links. I knew there had to be more to the internet than vast lands of coupons and online shopping (ebay & bidz) I needed something to catch my attention. Enter stage left: the yahoo headlines.  I clicked a picture with an interesting tag line and low and behold… I could comment on the article that was written.. just like all these other people that had something to say. 

I enjoy what some people have to say and in my head, I’m like: hell yeah.. couldn’t have said it better myself. Then.. there are those that comment on the article only to be irritating or mean to other people with opinions or questions. Those kind of people really put a kink in my herringbone.

A ‘how to’ article on hair color had a reader comment with a question that asked what dye was used in order to create the colors to tip on the hair. I was thinking the same thing!! I was like, seriously.. what dye for the hair is green, purple, pink, red, orange… so I can make my hair those pretty rainbowish colors??? And while looking for an answer from the instructor, I see a reply to the comment that reads: “I hate idiots!! It’s hair dye, stupid!!!” 

As I thought for a second, and said to myself, wow.. harsh. Then as if my screen to my computer was talking to me, I answered with a verbal — NU UH!! I’ve not seen those colors anywhere other than in Splat hair stain.. and this was supposed to be home remedies. I immediately got irritated at the comment. Did I reply? No. I didn’t stoop to that level of ignorance. 

Point to my blog? Everyone has a right to speak their mind, comment how they want, and question what they want to question without judgment of what other people think.  Now I can see it from the other side too.. those people also have the right to comment, question and speak their mind however they want… HOWEVER!!!!! The people that post questions are in fact people. Rude people should be rude on their own time. 

In the words of Thumper’s mom on Bambi: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nuthin’ at all.