So I’m the mom of a Junior…

As a mother, you do many things for your child.. such as birth him. You go through the agonizing waiting period of being pregnant. THEN! You go through the process of what seems like a longer wait to push what feels like a ball of lightning out of your groin area. The ooh & ahhs come later … well, not much later. Once you hear him cry, it’s like someone set of the most glorious symphony the world has ever heard. All of the pain disappears for that instant and your feel numb. The little, wiggly, slimy person that they are handing you at that moment is something YOU created. No one else. Oh, ok.. without the ‘push’ from the opposite gender, it would have never happened… I know. I’m sure he was enjoying the job while waving his magic wand. (Insert smiley face here for surrendering purposes. Please note that I’m a single mom and this is MY life. Not comparing to anyone.)

Through the years that my little guy and I have been hanging on to each other such as a mom and son do, we’ve developed a relationship that cannot be compared to any other alliance that either of us has had. Its a bond like no other. I’ve been his number one fan since before he was born and I’d like to think I’ve been some sort of guru or motivator for him. (Fingers crossed anyway.)

I have taught him to eat, talk, walk and basic lessons of life, like his colors, alphabet and numbers. I have changed multitudes of diapers, bathed him when dirty, held him when he cried (still do!) and even spoiled him like he needed. And even sometimes when he didn’t need it. I provided shelter and nourishment as well as discipline and basic skills to use later in his life.

As he grew up, I taught him how to ride his bike and encouraged him to get a really awesome hair cut to begin his trend of style. I helped him match his clothes to his shoes and even mended a few broken hearts, just by listening to him talk. (I taught him that…)

I have still taught him things as he values my opinion and comes to me for advice. I have aided in the heart ache of “puppy love” affairs and helped him learn from the actions that happened in the meantime. I have encouraged him to go out for things, such as football and to ask that one special girl to a dance. Just so we are all clear, he did it. He accomplished it too. I have helped him from being bullied and also told him to stand up for other little guys that get bullied.

Now, he’s becoming a grown man. As he will always be my little guy, letting him become his own person is so hard. I couldn’t even come up with a good metaphor to use because ‘hard’ is what it is. Separating my son from my apron strings is just hard. Putting him in what we call “boarding school” has not only been beneficial to him, but to me as well. However, those strings are still there. Just like iron to a magnet.

He has taught me so much from the short time he’s been on this earth. I honestly don’t think that I could have learned it from anyone else. His words make sense and it all clicks. (I think I taught him that too.)

Today, he became a junior in high school. It’s his first day. Public school this time. So many things have changed from when I went to school. In the back of my head, I was hoping that I wouldn’t be one of the people that say: “Back in my day…,” or “When I was in school…”.

But I am.

I can only imagine the memories he will make this year and the friendships that will bond for a lifetime.. Much like the friendships I have with most of my friends that I keep in touch with on Facebook.

I have to say of all the 4 years in high school, (to me) the most important (socially) is the Junior year.

Basic Junior year is:
You’re now an upper class man, so the nerves are gone, you know what to expect. Best thing is that freshmen and sophomores look up to you.

For some, a driver’s license.  My boy? … Hopefully he will get his permit next month. Then he can drive me around! 
You get your first REAL boyfriend or girlfriend. (You know, the one you think you’ll spend forever with — only to figure out later that she’s the reason your guard is up with future relationships because of the heartbreak caused by them. Minus Brad​ & Jenny​ of course. They were somehow born for each other. <3)
You get to go to prom and get all dressed up and let your mom take pictures of you for hours on the front lawn, while you swat bugs from your new hair doo and try not to sweat off your make up. You also make sure you don’t mess up your shoes or pedicure before you go. Heaven forbid you step in some present the dog left.

You do many fundraiser projects to that you can not only raise money for the prom, but also for graduation.
… you do senior pictures and you prepare to look for colleges. So many things.

This is the year.

My son will be a graduate of 2017 at the age of 17. That’s pretty significant, but the year of ’15-’16 will make the most impression of his lifetime. I’ve never been more proud of my son, Jake,​ than I am now. The pride is only going to grow more and more.

I just hope he realizes I’m still his biggest fan.


One comment on “So I’m the mom of a Junior…

  1. msbagadonutz says:

    As an update.. I’d like to share that my son graduated at the early age of 17 in December, 2016. EARLY. Proud mom moment.. needed to share.

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