Not too demanding..

Holidays are awesome. Right? They are supposed to be. Family, cozy times, chatter… the list could simply go on and on. When is enough enough? When is it to get back to normal life? What day does that fall on and how come its different with everyone?

We all knew when it was Dec 24th, we were off the next day (well some of us.. me included) We knew that banks and post offices would be scarce and we would often have to ask: ‘What day is it?’ and the ones we asked didn’t know either, they looked at an electronic device to remember.

Here it is January 2nd. I’m bombarded. I hated the fact that I had to work during the holidays, but eh.. it is what it is. Now — I am seeing my family relaxing, laughing and ya know what?? .. My butt is still working. Oh I am still in the house. I work from home. The green eyed monster comes out when I don’t get included on what is so funny… Let’s face it, the aftermath of an inside joke in order to bring in someone else.. well, you get it. It doesn’t work. It fails, bombs..

This year, I am in love. J & j are buddies. I’ve butted out. Besides, my job as a mom is done… sorta. I now have to wait to be a grandma.

I am in no hurry!!! –Just so we are all clear.

Little girls belong to their protector as they grow up — their daddies. The innocent love affair between a daughter and father is undeniable. She never wants to disappoint. Until boys. Then she drifts off to her mother, some (like me) confiding in their mothers now and leaving the dad in the dark. Making him become stern and over cautious for no reason. Well, no good one anyway.

Let me tell you something I found out.

Boys. My son is a mamma’s boy. But he turned 17.. wait. Lemme back up. He turned 15 and mom didn’t get to hear the secrets anymore, the ‘i love yous’ became, ‘love yas’ .. Hell, I went from a proud MOMMY to Mom to ma. You should see the texts. lol I’m not complaining.. I’m venting. And I’m still proud.

Now, he’s way taller than me, and sounds like a man. I see glimpses of the lil man that used to be my bestie. Now I see him speak with reserve and respect. Taking knowledge from J, absorbing it and I watch j ignore my ignorant comical responses. He grew up.

Can anyone tell me what I’m supposed to do with my time now?

After speaking to my wise mother, she told me that I needed to bring me to the front burner again. I said that I didn’t even know who that was anymore.. She knows my job. As we continue, and you keep up.. you will too.

Perhaps my 2017 Adventure will help me discover who I am again. God I hope she’s cool.


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