It’s 2 am.

I know it’s the 4th.. but I got the opportunity to sleep yesterday. Let me rephrase that.. I TOOK the opportunity to sleep yesterday.

I had to.  I was in pain.

How do I accent the was part to show that it’s died down, but not subsided.. I can keep my eyes open and type vs wanting to claw my face off. Tooth pain hurts. So today, I not only dipped into the smoke-able stash.. I loaded up on Alieve and even took a benedryl. Within 15 minutes, the throbbing pain up my neck lessened. “Whew.. ok,” I thought, “Now I can get some work done.”

Work done??? Dude! I don’t remember laying down, taking calls, feeding the dogs, … nothing. I was annihilated. I toasted myself out. I don’t remember eating anything.. wait. I had a hotdog.

I woke up at 11pm wondering if it was am or pm. My eyes focus on the top of the curtain. Sunlight? Nope. I slept the day away. Not that it was a bad thing.. I’m so glad that the buddies in the house kept everything standing.

I have a feeling of accomplishment. Like I taught them well.. They didn’t burn the house down and I’m getting to be awake this late and be alone and active.

Now to catch up on Sister Wives. I could so be Mary’s best friend.

… I gotta think of a sign off.   Perhaps just a note to self from the day.. let’s try.

Note to self: It’s okay to be weak. Admitting it is the hardest part. 


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