Strangers are odd.

j is growing up. A little too fast for my taste, but seriously.. he is learning. I don’t think that I could have chosen a better father. J is stern and patient to an extent.. and well.. it’s working. Call me crazy (and you just may later on..) but I am at peace knowing that they will take care of each other should something happen to me. That one little thrill of anxiety has now been blocked from causing a scraggly gray hair to creep from my scalp prematurely. Thank you for that..

Except on his journey today with bus travels, someone decided to offer him weed. I asked j what he said and he said no thanks. Aww.. that’s positive. I asked if he knew the guy in the car.. he said ‘nope!’ .. Strangers are odd creatures.

I love the strangers that I’ve adopted in my life … wouldn’t trade any of them for the world!

Beyond that little lifIMG_20170104_142852403.jpge changing moment: I found honey butter biscuits at Sav a lot. Too many edible things were 50% off and not chocolate coated at the Family Dollar store too.  All I needed was mozzarella cheese and paper towels. Any money saver knows you don’t buy those at the same place. But I ended up walking outta there with candy canes that I didn’t need and a box of cookies that are not what I like, but nostalgic.


It may be small but I find that my discovery of Honey Butter Biscuits will send my mind down memory lane to the happy places I remember.

I must go play with J. He makes me laugh and his kisses are super sweet.



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